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Coronavirus – help us flatten the curve

Dear colleagues,

House confinement, along with the emergence of specific poisons around the start of Spring, may see increased exposure to hazardous products and foods in the house and garden at this time.

We want to help over-stretched and under-staffed practices reduce unnecessary footfall during this unprecedented time.

We are working on a campaign to increase pet owner awareness of hazardous items, to reduce exposure risk and to stop unnecessary vet visits at this critical time.

We know that time is of the essence in poisoning cases – but we also know that your time is limited at the moment.

So don’t forget that the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) can help you determine if a patient that has been exposed to something poisonous definitely needs to be seen or can be treated at home.

Their database has detailed information on the true toxic amounts and the patient may not need to be examined due to a non-toxic level exposure. Use our Toxin Triage sheet to help your front of house teams streamline this process and save you valuable time. Contact VPIS on 0207 305 5055 or via

You can also encourage your customers to phone The Animal Poison Line (run specifically for owners by VPIS) who can advise them if they need their pet to be seen by a vet or not. The number is 01202 509000.

We have developed a pet owner awareness social media campaign to reduce exposure to hazardous items in the house and garden, help reduce exposure risk and to stop unnecessary vet visits at this critical time.

To educate your customers on reducing toxicity risks you can download social media resources or share posts from our owner-facing Facebook page @petdangers or share videos from our resource section.

We are in this together, please help keep face to face contact at a minimum. Let’s flatten the curve!

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