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Tasty Tech™ tabs are created using our patented manufacturing process- a guarantee of high palatability and high quality.

Why is Tasty Tech™ so great?

  • Patented manufacturing method (low heat, low pressure, no humidity) protects active ingredients

  • Guaranteed quality and quantity of active ingredients within the final product

  • Homogeneous distribution of active ingredients allows tabs to be split for accurate dosing

  • Proven high palatability for easier, stress free administration (for pet and owner!)

Tasty Tech™, tablets that go down a treat!

Our palatability scores rank higher than competitor products!

  • Convenient and ecological packaging (Doypack©).

  • Resealable so easy to handle and to carry.

  • No unnecessary overpackaging with a lower carbon footprint than conventional packaging.

Our range of Tasty Tech™ products includes:

Alphazium TT

Our range of Tasty Tech™ products includes:

Locox TT