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TVM UK Prepares Vets for Christmas with Emedog Bumper Pack

This year we are introducing an Emedog bumper pack to help vets prepare for the busy Christmas season.

Many pet owners are unaware of the multitude of potential pet poisons hidden in their home and the Christmas season, when people are more relaxed and food is likely to be left out, sees cases of poisoning rise dramatically. With this in mind, we are encouraging vets to be prepared.

Emedog is part of TVM UK’s Anti-Tox range and is a veterinary licensed apomorphine emetic for dogs. Its vial size and concentration formulation ensure easy and accurate dosing of patients with minimal waste.

The Emedog bumper pack contains 20 x 1ml single use vials – four times more than the regular pack and retails at a saving of 10% compared to purchasing four regular packs.

Dosage is one vial injected subcutaneously per 10kg, and vials have a three-year unopened shelf life ensuring minimal wastage.

Will Peel, vet and Product Manager says:

‘The number of poisoned animals seen by vets rises dramatically over the festive season so it’s vital that vets have enough product to see them through this time. The Emedog bumper pack will ensure that they are prepared for Christmas with the resources they need to deal with such cases.’

The Emedog bumper pack is available from November 2019 from all veterinary wholesalers.

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