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In this podcast on epilepsy – sponsored by Vetbromide, the latest addition to TVM’s epilepsy range of product – listen to neurology specialists Simon Platt and Laurent Garosi talk about when to treat epilepsy in dogs, what with, and how to monitor patients effectively.  
A recent study found that brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds have a 3.63x greater risk of developing dry eye1. What is dry eye? Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS) is a condition whereby dogs have a reduced tear film (deficient aqueous layer) due to destruction of their tear (lacrimal) gland. Left untreated, the condition can result
Coronavirus contingency - our CPD is going virtual The Coronavirus is affecting all industries including veterinary practices. To ensure that veterinary practices keep their CPD activities going at this time, TVM UK, the innovative animal health company has made its In Practice Lunch and Learn sessions virtual. The sessions normally take place in veterinary practices
Long before it was fashionable enough to be found in trendy drinks, cosmetics and smoothies, Activated Charcoal (or AC) has been widely used as a method of gastrointestinal decontamination for both humans and animals. But what is it, and when should you be using it (and when not)? *This blog is for veterinary professionals only.

At this time of year they can be seen in parks and pavements up and down the country (some people even leave them around the house to ward off spiders), but did you know conkers contain a chemical called aesculin which is poisonous to dogs? Not only that, but larger conkers could also cause an

We all know that dogs just love to eat anything – and vets are often asked about wild mushrooms. With the milder climate and the recent rain and moisture, mushroom populations seem to be booming this autumn. Last year the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) even issued a warning about the issue. Most of the

Visit TVM UK on stand P40 at the London Vet Show to collect your FREE Ophthalmology Guidelines, book a ‘Lunch & Learn’ CPD session for your practice and more! TVM UK will also be speaking at London Vet Show on Corneal Health, so make sure you join us: Regenerating Agents for Corneal Ulcers: I Can

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At TVM we are passionate about the treatment of poisoning in pets. Our mission is to increase the awareness of potential poisons to pet owners and to help make the treatment of poisons understandable and straight-forward for vets and nurses.

Through the provision of our products in the Anti-Tox range and through our educational content, protocols and downloads we want to provide the tools necessary to help those pets unfortunate enough to be poisoned to recover quickly and fully.

Please take a look at the content on our website and check regularly for seasonal campaigns, new protocols and recent articles.

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