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TVM UK is an animal health company dedicated to the health and well-being of pets and to the support of vets and pet owners.

Through the provision of important products and the creation of educational support materials, we aim to improve the quality of life of pets in your care.

We specialise in key areas such as poisoning, ophthalmology, neurology and behaviour – where our mission is to make the treatment of poisons as simple and straight forward as possible whilst increasing the awareness of how to avoid the poisons that are hidden in plain sight.

TVM-UK are proud supporters of Vet Sustain. Vet Sustain shares our mission to drive sustainability within the veterinary industry and they have developed ‘Six goals of sustainability’. TVM’s support helps Vet Sustain to continue developing resources for veterinary practices, such as the green practice checklist and carbon calculator.

Sustainability is a priority focus in TVM’s 2025 vision. A companywide approach (including TVM France and Germany) to critically evaluate every aspect of our activities with regards to their environmental impact has allowed us to find opportunities to implement changes thereby reducing our carbon footprint and minimise single-use plastic.


Prior to July 2016, TVM UK operated as Forum Animal Health Ltd, and the name change to TVM-UK occured in November 2017.

Forum Animal Health merged into the parent company TVM who are one of the 12 most important companies on the French Animal Health market. TVM develop, produce and sell a wide range of veterinary products (medicine, hygienic products and food supplements).

Located in the Auvergne region (central France) since 1976, TVM belongs to a holding company whose subsidiaries are mostly in the healthcare industry, technologies and life sciences.