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Covid 19 Pet Poisoning Info- For Pet Owners

Dear Pet Owners,

Home confinement will see increased exposure to harmful items in the home and garden (e.g. paracetamol, certain foods OK for us but not for pets, cleaning products etc). Please keep everything out of the reach of your pet.

For more information on hazardous items in the home please click here.

At this time we MUST reduce human interaction as much as possible.

At this time we MUST reduce human interaction as much as possible.

Did you know that the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (for a small fee) can give you advice if you are worried your pet has been exposed to something poisonous? Based on the information you provide, they can use their expert knowledge to determine whether your pet is at risk and needs to be seen urgently – or whether your pet can remain at home therefore limiting unnecessary human contact (and veterinary bills).

Their Animal Poison Line can be contacted on 01202 509000 or you can visit their website here.

Follow the Facebook page @petdangers for regular updates on what can be harmful to your pet or share our videos from our download section here.

We are in this together – reduce face-to-face contact where possible.

If you are having difficulty getting to the vets at this time, maybe due to self-isolation or limited appointments being available, but you wish to speak to a vet or veterinary nurse for advice then consider a virtual appointment with Joii Pet Care.

Their app includes free nurse consultations and a symptom checker (fee applies for vet consultations).

Let’s flatten that curve.