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Ocular solution for cleansing of the eye and to combat hair discolouration caused by tear staining

  • For dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets

  • 1 x 135ml bottle

  • Cleaning as necessary

  • Removes debris and crusts from the eye, conjunctival sac and periorbital region

  • Organic debris and crusts can act as a site of microbial proliferation

  • Prepares the eye for other drops/ointments

  • Combats unsightly tear staining!

  • Benzylkonium chloride – disinfects the cornea and wetting properties increase the corneal concentration of the active ingredients

  • Methylene blue – antiseptic

  • Boric acid and sodium borate – antiseptics and astringents

  • Rose extract – soothing


  • Attack phase- Apply ocryl using a well soaked cotton ball 1-2 times daily until the discolouration resolves

  • Maintenance phase- Apply as above 1-2 times per week


Available from your vet or directly from your online pharmacy.

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