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Epilepsy is a complex condition that involves a high level of emotion for the client and the diagnosing veterinary surgeon.

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The 4 in 1 phenobarbital tablet from TVM

  • 60mg tablet divisible by 4
    • Allows accurate titration of dosage
    • Active ingredient dispersed equally throughout the tablet
    • One tablet size to suit the majority of patients
  • Blister packed
    • Packs of 60 tablets
    • Convenient and easy to dispense
  • Liver flavoured
    • Aids patient compliance
  • And… with proven bioequivalence to the market-leading phenobarbital tablet
    • Bioequivalence is a measure of comparability between two dosage forms of the same drug and is used to determine whether the two drug products can be used interchangeably.

Accompanied by a range of resources to help with the management of epileptic patients in practice

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  • The first veterinary injectable Diazepam
  • Licensed for multiple indications
    • Short-term management of convulsive disorders
    • Skeletal muscle spasms
    • Part of a premedication protocol
    • Part of a sedation protocol
ziapam diazepam
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