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Resource library for pet owners

At TVM UK, we pride ourselves on providing support and educational resources to practices across the country – but we also like to look out for the pet owners out there too.

We believe that through sharing information and education with pet owners we can hopefully work toward prevension, rather than just cure.

Explore resources for each of our three specialist areas below.

Dry Eye Client Leaflet
Ocryl Client Leaflet (for Tear Staining)
Poison Dangers Client Leaflet
Poison Dangers  Poster
Pet Poisoning – Overview Video
Pet Dangers Video 2020
Mould Poisoning Video
Spring Pet Dangers – The hidden Dangers in your garden
Spring Pet Dangers – The hidden Dangers in your home
Grape and Raisin Poisoning Video
Chocolate Poisoning Video
Seizure Diary for Owners – available on request from your vet
Treating coprphagia in pets
A guide to treating coprophagia in pets
Children’s colouring sheet