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Soliphen: Have you made the switch yet?

Soliphen is a 4-in-1 phenobarbital tablet licensed to treat epilepsy in dogs.  

Despite being launched only 18 months ago by TVM UK, Soliphen is now the third best selling phenobarbital brand in the UK.

As well as being cost-effective for both vets and owners, its ease of use has made it popular with prescribing vets.

Soliphen tablets are flavoured, easily divisible into 15mg increments for more accurate dosing, and blister packed for convenience. Not only that but, unique among phenobarbital generics, Soliphen has proven bioequivalence to the market leading brand allowing an on-label medication swap where necessary or desirable for stable epileptic patients already being treated. Off course, it also offers an attractive first-line and effective treatment option for newly diagnosed epileptic dogs.   

Will Peel, Product Manager at TVM UK said:

‘We are delighted to have made such an impact on the market in such a short space of time. Having launched in January 2019 and been the newest phenobarbital product to market, it’s great to have seen such impressive results and to have received such positive feedback from practices which have already made the switch to Soliphen. This is, in part, also thanks to the range of training and support resources we additionally offer to support our neurology range.’

‘This is testament to the appeal of our product and, as Soliphen is the most cost-effective on the market, the savings that we offer veterinary practices and their clients.’

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