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The only duo of pre-filled, activated charcoal syringes available to veterinary practices.


– Pre-filled ‘Grab & Go’ preparations, so you can take care of a poisoned patient quicker.

– Addition of a cathartic for expedited toxin removal from the gastrointestinal tract.


– A unique ‘gel’ format that needs no pre-mixing and doesn’t run!


– Simple administration – count the dots, wind the dial, and gently push the plunger.

– One, 60ml syringe per 20kg – more concentrated than Carbodote liquid, therefore less volume to give


– A gel formulation that is less likely to be aspirated than activated charcoal liquids. 

– Carbodote products are up to 10 times more adsorbent than competitors!

Also available, Carbodote Liquid!

● Ready to use plain activated charcoal (no cathartic)

● Stable homogenous 20% solution (quick shake)

● Small manageable bottles of 100ml

● 1 bottle per 20kg (5ml/kg)

● Can be administered down stomach/nasogastric tubes

● Situations where an alternative to gel is preferable

Carbodote products are up to 10x more adsorbent than competitors1!

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1TVM Study  PR010122/220119’