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Hidden dangers: Battery burns and blockages

Dogs love to experiment and, you guessed it, their mouth is their laboratory!

Unfortunately, they don’t always have the good sense to be selective in what they choose to ‘test out’, and batteries are no exception.

Batteries are hidden everywhere in a household – from inside watches to children’s toys to TV remotes. Some may be be in devices that have a secured, screwed down cover – but some are not.

But what if your dog eats a battery? What should you do?

For most battery ingestions, conservative management and monitoring is appropriate. However, large, chewed or punctured alkaline batteries often require intervention, and the lithium disc or ‘button’ batteries pose the greatest risk of all.

Severity of clinical signs and level of action required will be determined by the battery type, and its integrity.

Follow this link to learn more on the potential dangers of battery ingestion and how to best manage these energised rascals and if you think your dog has eaten a battery, get in touch with your vet as soon as possible.