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Author: c-maynard
It’s been wonderful watching the spring colours begin to emerge in our gardens... ...but did you know that spring bulbs can be harmful to our pets? Plants to look out for include; snowdrops, bluebells, daffodils (narcissus), hyacinths, tulips, irises and crocuses. Plant bulbs contain irritant chemicals called alkaloids, which can be toxic to your pet.

Soliphen is a 4-in-1 phenobarbital tablet licensed to treat epilepsy in dogs.   Despite being launched only 18 months ago by TVM UK, Soliphen is now the third best selling phenobarbital brand in the UK. As well as being cost-effective for both vets and owners, its ease of use has made it popular with prescribing vets. Soliphen tablets

Coronavirus contingency - our CPD is going virtual The Coronavirus is affecting all industries including veterinary practices. To ensure that veterinary practices keep their CPD activities going at this time, TVM UK, the innovative animal health company has made its In Practice Lunch and Learn sessions virtual. The sessions normally take place in veterinary practices