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The first licensed product for the acute management of seizures in dogs and cats

  • The first veterinary licensed diazepam

  • For dogs and cats

  • Presented in packs containing 6 x 2ml vials

  • Licensed for

    • The short-term control of convulsive disorders of central and peripheral origin

    • The short-term management of muscle spasms

    • Sedation

    • Pre-anaesthesia (part of a protocol)

    • 5mg/ml intravenous injection

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Ziapam 5mg/ml solution for injection for cats and dogs contains Diazepam. Legal category POM-V schedule 4 . In cats and dogs for the short-term management of convulsive disorders and skeletal muscle spasms of central and peripheral origin. As part of a pre-anaesthetic or sedation protocol. Please refer to the product packaging and leaflets for information about side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications.

Use medicines responsibly. For further information and to view the full Summary of Product Characteristics, please contact TVM-UK Animal Health Ltd, Kirtlington Business Centre, Slade Farm, Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, UK. OX5 3JA. Tel. 0800 0385868. Email